Specialised Driveways are the experts in the professional design and installation of resin bound, stone driveways.

Resin Bound Driveways Explained

Resin bound driveways are a combination of a transparent UV stable Resin, blended with aggregates, to a depth of 15 to 20mm.

These aggregates can be made up of any combination of marbles, granites, quartz, flint, slate or other rock based products.

They are blended in combinations of different sizes and colours and, once mixed, the materials are hand floated over a porous subbase.

Equipment and Technique

Specialised Driveways have invested in the best equipment and systems, using the highest quality commercial grade resin to ensure a hardwearing and durable surface.  

To achieve the best results in resin driveways it depends on two things: equipment and technique.

It is essential that the right amount of compaction is achieved for the perfect finish.

Without these two crucial factors, a driveway cannot be guaranteed.

Below the surface of the resin is the prep work or the foundations of a driveway. In a similar way to the construction of a house, it is essential to have good foundations, which can often take longer to prepare than the laying of the resin itself.


Sometimes we offer an overlay service, when we feel that an existing surface has been laid correctly, is on good foundations and is of decent quality, for example over a good quality tarmac drive.

This service is often preferred by housing developers.

Working on behalf of the UK’s leading manufacturers and distributors, we are recognised as industry leaders, as we not only train other installers on correct procedure and installation techniques, but we have also designed and manufactured our own range of tools.

Hard Wearing

Resin driveways provide better traction for tyres and walking, as well as having a long lifespan. It is up to three times more durable than a conventional tarmac drive.

Low Maintenance

Resin bound surfaces are the perfect choice for those who are looking for low maintenance. The product is a seamless and porous surface, particularly resistant to weeds.